Reportaje fotográfico. Retrospectiva de Steve McCurry

Reportaje fotográfico retrospectiva de la obra de Steve McCurry, uno de los grandes fotógrafos actuales.

Probablemente os sonarán fotografías de las que vais a ver, pero otras menos conocidas os harán disfrutar igualmente. Coger una taza de té y disfrutar de las imágenes, cada una cuenta una gran historia.

Steve McCurry is the recipient of the 2011 Leica Hall of Fame award.
The prize is awarded to photographers who have rendered outstanding service to the Leica brand and to the genre of photography.
For more than three decades, 61-year-old McCurry has been on the road as a documentary photographer at the world’s trouble spots and has obtained many awards for his work. Since 1986, Steve McCurry has been a member of Magnum Photos, the renowned photographic agency.

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